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Sniff Grooming Studio (formerly known as Uptown Grooming) believes that your dog should enjoy their haircut as much as you enjoy yours! Sniff welcomes anyone from the prim and proper pooch to the frisky backyard hound. Our newly renovated studio and experienced groomers are here to care for your dog with love and safety in mind.

Here at Sniff, we treat your dog like they're one of our own. We greet our nervous first-timers with lots of affection and reward our well-seasoned veterans with a familiar belly-rub; all to ensure each dog (and owner!) has the best experience paw-ssible.

The studio has gone through a series of changes to improve the ergonomics of the overall grooming experience. We built permanent stalls stocked with toys, blankets, and the occasional treat in the main grooming space. The open-front concept allows our groomers to see your dog at all times while he or she plays in their personal stall. The increased privacy and separation reduces the risk of funny-business while your dog waits for their turn on the table. Ramps have been installed on the bathtubs to reduce injury for both the groomer and the dog. We have also implemented a new software system that sends out automated appointment reminders and keeps a record of your dog's groom- so you never need to worry about missing appointments or forgetting which hairstyle your dog likes best.

We'd love for you and your pup to come visit Sniff- new dogs are always welcome!

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Our Services


bath and Brush-out

It's time for the routine maintenance! Bring your pup to Sniff to get cleaned up so they have an excuse to go back home and dirty themselves up again. Here's what we provide with the Bath and Brush-Out:

  • Deep clean bath
    • Luxury shampoo, conditioner, and styling spray (based on your dog's coat)
    • Inspect for ticks, bugs, and fleas
  • Ear cleaning
  • Paw pad shave
  • Trim
    • Nails
    • Sanitary (if needed)
    • Deshed
  • Hand dry with brush out

bath and trim

With the Bath and Trim, your pup goes to the table to see the groomer. Here is what they get with the Bath and Trim:

  • Everything with the Bath and Brush-Out, plus...
  • Face Trim (including eyebrows)

Full Groom

Do you have a scruffy pup that is due for the whole treatment? We look out for tangled knots, skin sores, cuts, bites, and other sensitive spots that may be bothering your dog, and treat them with extra special care to make sure they leave feeling like a million bucks. Here's what you can expect with the full groom:

  •  Everything offered with the Bath
  • Full, head-to-tail haircut
  • Scissor finish

add ons

Here are a couple of extra services that we provide at Sniff:

  • Teeth brushing - $5
  • Nail Trimming Only
    •  Little Tike - $10
    • Average Joe - $15
    • Gentle Giant - $20


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We provide a final quote once we're able to examine your dog . We base your total price around the time it takes to groom your dog, as well as these variables:

  • Size of the dog
  • Length and condition of their coat*
  • Style of groom

For a dog with a coat in generally good condition, prices range from $50 for a small dog to $100 for a large long-haired dog.

*May incur additional fee due to extreme matting of coat

Little Tike

(10-24 lbs)

  • Bath and Brush: $25-35
  • Bath and Trim: $35-50
  • Full Groom: $50-65

Average joe

(25-49 lbs)

  • Bath and Brush: $35-45
  • Bath and Trim: $45-60
  • Full Groom: $60-75

Gentle Giant

(50+ lbs)

  • Bath and Brush: $45+
  • Bath and Trim: $55+
  • Full Groom: $70+


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We are always welcoming new dogs (and humans), so feel free to give us a call to schedule an appointment! Want to see the Studio for yourself? Drop by whenever we are open to check the place out!

NEW Hours

Monday - Friday

Drop-off: 8:30- 10:30 AM

Pickup: Before 5:00 PM

Contact Information

Phone: 512-249-7387

Email: contact@sniffgrooming.com


9112 Anderson Mill Rd

Suite 700-A

Austin, TX 78729