Our Services


bath and Brush-out

It's time for the routine maintenance! Bring your pup to Sniff to get cleaned up so they have an excuse to go back home and dirty themselves up again. Here's what we provide with the Bath and Brush-Out:

  • Deep clean bath
    • Luxury shampoo, conditioner, and styling spray (based on your dog's coat)
    • Inspect for ticks, bugs, and fleas
  • Ear cleaning
  • Paw pad shave
  • Trim
    • Nails
    • Sanitary (if needed)
    • Deshed
  • Hand dry with brush out

bath and trim

With the Bath and Trim, your pup goes to the table to see the groomer. Here is what they get with the Bath and Trim:

  • Everything with the Bath and Brush-Out, plus...
  • Face Trim (including eyebrows)

Full Groom

Do you have a scruffy pup that is due for the whole treatment? We look out for tangled knots, skin sores, cuts, bites, and other sensitive spots that may be bothering your dog, and treat them with extra special care to make sure they leave feeling like a million bucks. Here's what you can expect with the full groom:

  •  Everything offered with the Bath
  • Full, head-to-tail haircut
  • Scissor finish

add ons

Here are a couple of extra services that we provide at Sniff:

  • Teeth brushing - $5
  • Nail Trimming Only
    •  Little Tike - $10
    • Average Joe - $15
    • Gentle Giant - $20